Le Magnou SPA


The Le Magnou Spa 

It was intended that the Spa would be operational by 2020 but due to the Covid-19 situation work has been seriously disrupted. but we hope it will be completed in time for the 2022 season -The main structure is complete apart from exterior décor and the interior work will Continue through the winter.

The Spa building forms part of the Terrace in front of the Garden kitchen but also has it's own terrace facing in a westerly direction which is perfect to see the setting sun in the late evening.

Inside the Spa you will find the Sauna and Steam room, shower and the Indoor-Spa Whirlpool and stroll out onto the Spa Terrace overlooking what will be our Grass tennis court 

Finnish Saunarium Cabin 

The Saunarium is a sauna and Steam room combined - just switch from one function to the other. The cabin is comfortable for 5 bathers and the hor / cold shower is just alongside.

Indoor-Spa Whirlpool

The Whirlpool Bath has multiple water jets to give a great whirlpool massage 

Spa Terrace and tennis Court 

Once the SPA is ready for use we hope to complete the Grass Tennis Court - the Spa terrace will overlook the court rather like a traditional Tennis club Pavilion - there will be storage inside the spa building for equipment and clothing. We have deliberately chosen Grass to avoid accidents to children on a hard court.

The arched doorway alongside the terrace serves has a dual purpose recover those wayward shots that drop into the farmers field - and at the right time of the year the view of the sunflower crop is stunning.