Local Attractions

You will find a whole variety of things to do and see – from local crafts and produce to the high tech wonders of Futurescope – there is something for everyone. Here is just a short selection from an incredible range of different local attractions:-

FUTURESCOPE - www.futuroscope.com
Since opening in 1987 more than 30 million people have visited France's 2nd most popular leisure attraction. Virtual reality and 3 dimensional experience including exploring the Moons surface, adventures in animation and interactive safari -an exhilarating experience for all the family.

LA VALLEE des SINGES - www.la-vallee-des-singes.fr
In English, “Monkey Valley” - 5 hectares – 15 Islands – planted with trees and lush vegetation – the monkeys can move around in total freedom and enjoy direct contact with visitors.
The park boasts the largest gorilla group in France made up of 10 members and the largest territory in Europe to accommodate chimpanzees.

L’ILE AUX SERPENTS - www.ileauxserpents.com
Snake Island presents to you over 60 species of reptiles: these include Snakes, Chameleons, Lizards, Tortoises and Alligators in specially adapted, plant-filled vivariums.

COGNAC - www.cognac-world.com www.ville-cognac.com

Lying on the banks of the Charente River about an hours drive from Le Magnou the town of Cognac owes it’s reputation to it’s drinks exported and enjoyed the world over.
Why not follow the Charente on a leisurely drive, picnic along the way and then explore one of the many distilleries and also taste the locally produced Pinot Charente - a lovely blend of Cognac and Wine

BORDEAUX - www.bordeaux.com
You cannot come this far and not take the time for a day visiting one or more of the famous Bordeaux vineyards. Once again you can explore the beautiful Charente valley as it meanders down to Angouleme and into the northern Bordeaux region.

PARC DE LA BELLE - www.parcdelabelle.com

The estate of the Parc de la Belle for a colourful, perfumed walk in 15 acres of natural setting around a 19th century residence. Discover over 20,000 plants, multiple species of trees and numerous varieties of flowers.
Winding paths take you around the beds as far as the hollow of the valley where the rose garden offers it’s 500 rosebushes.

THE CITY OF THE WRITTEN WORD and BOOK CRAFTS - www.citedelecrit-montmorillon.com
Set in the heart of a picturesque medieval quarter of the lovely town of Montmorillon, lies the “City of the Written Word and Book Crafts”. Take a fascinating journey into the world of literature and at the same time admire the town’s magnificent architectural heritage.

Just 5 minutes drive away is the local nature parc providing large picnic areas, a children's play ground, lovely riverside walks, the Bar and Restaurant - have a terrace overlooking the Charente and hire canoes for the more adventurous.

Just a short walk from Le Magnou across the Charente River is another parc area including nature walks along the Riverside and amongst the prehistoric caves cut out of the riverside rocks – during the summer months they demonstrate how prehistoric man made his tools, lit fires etc

The Restaurant Le Relais du Pays Civraisienis also located in the park area